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Anonymous: what is brad's snapchat????

no idea sorry :( 

if the vamps ruined your life and you know it clap your hands 


I tried posting it ytd but it didn’t idk. I’m gonna post it again haha

So my friend (irl) tagged me to do it and ignore my nominates in this video bc it was posted to my facebook lol

Now I tag Ness akavamps, Marta chasingthevamps, Eyre thevampsoffical, Alane yellowbeta, Amanda khalieesi bradleywilllsimpson, Agus trisevs, Mandi thevamps-forever, Kels bradscream, Raisa tristanirwin, Flora 5-seconds-of-bradley, Alli zaynmalkz, Sian stopbrad, Sabrina sprinkleofbrad, Kaitlin neyrnarvelous :D

(i know people just tag 3 but hey i like to tag all my friends lol)

oh dear, wai steph wai, 


The Vamps // Important Dates




did i just lose my virginity



but i want legs like Beyoncé

and give him the eye like Rihanna!?!?!?!1/1!/!!?/

The Vamps according to Google (insp.)

Anonymous: Whats your theme??


:) x

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